I set out to write a blog post about the sheep on Jedidiah Island (spoiler alert). To do that, I wanted to write about how glad we were our windlass worked when we arrived at Jedidiah. To do that, I had to explain that we had just fixed our windlass. To do that, I, Read More

So what in the world are you doing, anyway? It’s what everyone is thinking, we know. But to be honest, we’re not quite sure. While we have a general idea of what our plan is and why we’re doing this, we don’t really know very many specifics yet. But we are getting a whole, Read More

I’ve started a page (it’s right here) about our ongoing cruise-long Gin Rummy tournament in order to up the stakes and allow you to have a good laugh at us along the way. Each pre-determined leg of the journey will be a new game with the loser required to complete the wager at the next port., Read More

Well, we had an arduous first day… It started with breakfast with friends, a stroll through the Ballard farmer’s market, and a trip to Captain’s for some new reading material. Followed by cutting the lines (with a machete, of course) and a cast off by a few close friends, then lots of waves and hollers, Read More

  Warning for you vegans out there — it doesn’t end well for the pig… A few weekends ago… we threw ourselves a farewell party. But not the typical grill-chicken-on-the-dock farewell party. No no, we went to the woods and cooked a pig. Our good friends Christy and Jason recently shifted from 8 years living and cruising aboard, Read More

I’m excited to say that I’ll be writing for the local PNW magazine, 48 North, along the way. We’ve been devout readers of this magazine for many years and it’s an honor to be asked to contribute our story. My first article has appeared in the August edition of the magazine. You can pick one up in marine-focused places, Read More