Do you have a place that you love despite having never seen it? A place that you know will feel like home when you get there, despite only knowing a few details about it. And you know you don’t have to force a trip; you’re drawn to it as to a magnet, confident that, Read More

The wind forecast was favorable for Saturday, so after a week of short hops from one cove to the next, we decided to put some miles under the hull. We planned an 8am departure from Walter’s Cove for the 65 mile run to Hot Springs Cove. Somewhat miraculously, we left at 8am (getting out, Read More

We’d been fishing daily and had done decently well from an overall catch perspective – several rock fish, greylings and a small ling cod. But I wanted salmon, and we just weren’t seeing them. As we motored out of Sea Otter Cove at the top of the west coast of Vancouver Island, the conditions, Read More

Shout out to Halcyon’s previous owners, John and Kay Robinson, who gifted us a wonderful bottle of wine before we left Shilshole. We felt very civilized with our fancy Cab Franc and our clam linguini in a white wine reduction sauce.

It’s getting colder, but we are also moving north. One day, it was hot enough to voluntarily jump in to cool down. Then a low-pressure system rolled through and seemed to sweep summer away with it. I’m in boots and foulies every day now. We made clam chowder. In the morning, I can see, Read More

Update: Click here to read the archived article The September edition of 48 North is out and I have an article in it – you can check it out online, pick one up at a marine type place, or get one ordered to your door!  

We were going through some things in the vee berth today and came across a rolled up scroll I didn’t recognize. Some sneaky elf stashed a depiction of “Halsion Island” without us ever noticing! (we’re looking at you, Savai)                

For the elevendieth day in a row, we were motoring up wind. We had 17-20 knots of wind right on the nose, enough wind that our forward progress was diminished to 4 knots, even though we should have had current helping us. I was at the wheel, and I was over it. Our plan, Read More

Shout out to Christy and Jason for John’s favorite new toy. He now knows the depths of all the corners of all the anchorages we’ve stayed in so far. I can’t say it’s resulted in more fish, but it has kept him occupied. The downrigger, we’ve learned (twice), doesn’t like it when it gets, Read More