It’s dark. The stars have vanished, one by one, behind the heavy blanket of water vapor suspended above us. There is a soft glow on the horizon to the east and in my sleepless daze I keep thinking it is the sunrise. The sleeplessness fogs my mind like the water droplets blanket the stars,, Read More

Things generally don’t go as planned around here. Which is more often a good thing than a bad thing. We left Ilwaco on an overcast Sunday morning with a week’s provisions and an adventurous crewmember. The bar crossing was so passive, with light winds and a slack tide, that I was frying eggs down, Read More

I won round 2 of Gin Rummy when we turned South from the top of Vancouver Island, but John was a little slow in paying off his debt. OK, a lot slow. But he finally paid it off with a very cold dip in Lake Tahoe last weekend. The water is starting to get warmer, so, Read More

You’re going to laugh when I tell you this, but I must admit it to you anyway. I just don’t have that much free time for writing these days. Yep, I knew you’d laugh. But seriously, I have to set aside the time – prioritize my day – to include a few hours at, Read More