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Gin rummy, round 2

October 17, 2016

I won round 2 of Gin Rummy when we turned South from the top of Vancouver Island, but John was a little slow in paying off his debt. OK, a lot slow. But he finally paid it off with a very cold dip in Lake Tahoe last weekend.

The water is starting to get warmer, so the stakes have changed. Round 3 ends when we reach Cabo at the southern tip of the Baja peninsula and the loser has to eat a whole lime in one sitting.


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John and Becca Guillote

John is the photographer. He portrays the layers of history, emotion, spirit and culture in each moment through his application of light, perspective, and detail. He also takes pictures.

Becca is the writer. She tells vivid stories of authentic moments, highlighting the beautiful, dangerous, dramatic and hilarious with grammatically correct sentences and her tongue held firmly by her cheek.


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