It’s 4:07am. This is an hour that humans are built to spend lying horizontally, all muscles relaxed, mind whisked away to fairy tale land. It is an hour with an identity crisis, not yet morning, but hardly still nighttime. A forgotten hour, rarely thought of kindly. I had let out a small whimper last, Read More

That title usually evokes normalcy: explain to me a single day because the rest of them are probably similar. Well, that’s just not the case around here; very little stays the same day to day. So instead of normalcy, I want that title to induce a comparison; this is how we accomplish a set, Read More

  Boy, it feels good to be here. We had a great time and learned a great deal coming down the coast of the US, but this – this is what we are all about. (We subconsciously reinforced this by taking almost no photos in southern california.) Our send off from the States was, Read More

I might not be so good at remembering to post here when I have a new article in 48 North, but I’ll keep trying 🙂 Check out November’s article about the differences between sailing in the Salish Sea and out in the ocean.