June 2017

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Motorbikes, thunderstorms and itty bitty turtles

June 26, 2017

Puerto Escondido: the “pipeline of Mexico”, the famous surfing spot, the miserable anchorage, the false refuge from broken engines and broken forestays and broken spirits. On our passage to…

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Part 2: From the last straw to recovery

June 7, 2017

Day Three: The last straw

4:00am John shakes me from a fitful sleep. I peak groggily at my watch. It’s late, John pulled a particularly long shift. He’s been in…

A day in the life Blog Latitude Reduction Underway

Part 1: Pleasant, then annoying

June 6, 2017

Day one: Pleasant

They had been forecasting a hurricane. Her name was Adrian and she was currently holding the title of earliest tropical storm ever recorded in this part of…

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June 3, 2017


(This article appeared in the May edition of 48 North)

When I turned 16, I threw a day-long party in the backyard. No gifts, no games, no structure – just…