Puerto Escondido: the “pipeline of Mexico”, the famous surfing spot, the miserable anchorage, the false refuge from broken engines and broken forestays and broken spirits. On our passage to Huatulco, we passed the town 3 times, tormented by its proximity and erroneous sanctuary. Apparently we were determined to set foot here, to compel ourselves, Read More

Day Three: The last straw 4:00am John shakes me from a fitful sleep. I peak groggily at my watch. It’s late, John pulled a particularly long shift. He’s been in the cockpit for over 6 hours and it is certainly time for him to rest. I pull myself from bed and am brushing my, Read More

Day one: Pleasant They had been forecasting a hurricane. Her name was Adrian and she was currently holding the title of earliest tropical storm ever recorded in this part of the world (since 1966 when they started recording these things, apparently). Every forecast every day had her forming in a different spot, spinning off, Read More

  (This article appeared in the May edition of 48 North) When I turned 16, I threw a day-long party in the backyard. No gifts, no games, no structure – just burgers and cake and a pile of people I cared about from all areas of my life. Friends I’d had for a decade, Read More