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Finding Paradise

June 27, 2019

Like most cruisers (and almost-cruisers) these days, we
spent hours on YouTube before we left, watching people just like us finding
paradise. Amateur videos full of epic drone shots of the…

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A day in the passage life: Part 3 – The Hole

May 30, 2019

That ideal trade wind sailing didn’t last like we wanted it to. As we tracked further south, we sailed right into a hole with no wind at all, and…

Life onboard

A day in the passage life: Part 2 – the trades

May 23, 2019

We have finally hit the trades! The southeast trade winds
are a band of ideal wind and current that stretches from here all the way to
French Polynesia. This band brings…

A day in the life Life onboard

A day in the passage life: Part 1, Settling in

May 16, 2019

Sailing across the ocean was an endurance event. Once all of
the preparations were done, all of the food was stored and all of the tanks
were full, we simply had…

Life onboard

Spoiler alert – we made it

May 3, 2019

How do you summarize something that demanded every ounce of your perseverance and patience for 36 days? Something that consumed every thought and decision for the months and years…