Is it too cliché to start this with a contemplative statement like “I can’t believe we’ve already been cruising for a year” or “This year has really flown by” or maybe “can you believe our boat’s still floating after a whole year”? It’s hard not to because that’s precisely how I feel. I distinctly, Read More

I have been intrigued by this place since Morgan Freeman, pants rolled up and shoes flung casually over his shoulder, strode towards Tim Robbins fixing up his old boat on the beach (if that doesn’t ring a bell, it’s time to re-watch Shawshank Redemption). It’s obvious to me now that that scene was filmed, Read More

  (This article appeared in the May edition of 48 North) When I turned 16, I threw a day-long party in the backyard. No gifts, no games, no structure – just burgers and cake and a pile of people I cared about from all areas of my life. Friends I’d had for a decade, Read More

*This is my article published in April’s issue of 48 North. You can head here to read the magazine version* Before we left Seattle, those that had cruised before all agreed it would take us six months before we truly slowed down. Of course, if we asked the same 12 people what type of, Read More

*This is my article for March’s issue of 48 North. You can check out the magazine version here (pg 36)* ———- For five years before cutting the lines to go cruising, we lived aboard our Valiant 40, Halcyon, in the Pacific Northwest. For five years, she served as our home while we lived life:, Read More

The new magazine is out! Check out page 50 for my article about scrambling. Click here to access the magazine online. (the photo is just the 1st page of the article – head over to 48 north to read the whole thing!)

Another month; another great issue of 48 North! Check out page 52 for my article about the perspective I got when I stepped away from cruising for a few weeks. If that sounds boring, check it out anywhere because there is a photo of my new baby nephew in it, and he is stinking cute.

Update: click here to read the archived article Check out the December edition of 48 North for one of my favorite articles yet about the absurdity of boat projects (page 30) I was also honored this month to receive a very flattering shout-out in the editor’s note by Joe (on Page 6). I’ve loved writing, Read More

I might not be so good at remembering to post here when I have a new article in 48 North, but I’ll keep trying 🙂 Check out November’s article about the differences between sailing in the Salish Sea and out in the ocean.

Update: Click here to read the archived article The September edition of 48 North is out and I have an article in it – you can check it out online, pick one up at a marine type place, or get one ordered to your door!