I live on a sailboat. It has many of the amenities that a home on land has – like a kitchen with a stove and oven, two beds, a bathroom with a toilet and running water, and plenty of storage, at least for my small number of belongings. It is home, and I don’t, Read More

We are not city people. We are drawn to quaint towns, beachside villas, adventurous activities, relaxed vibes. When we go on vacation, we do not go to Rome or Paris or New York City; we go to Playa Gigante in Nicaragua, Baños in Ecuador, or Vik in Iceland. So naturally, the most populated city, Read More

In our travels so far, I can say with confidence we have not discovered a place better suited for cruising than the Pacific Northwest. While I can’t complain about the warm water and cheap tacos of Mexico, I miss the lush cliff sides and tangled kelp beds, the abundance offered by the sea and, Read More

Is it too cliché to start this with a contemplative statement like “I can’t believe we’ve already been cruising for a year” or “This year has really flown by” or maybe “can you believe our boat’s still floating after a whole year”? It’s hard not to because that’s precisely how I feel. I distinctly, Read More

During the passage to Zihuatanejo back in April, our transmission took its last breaths. Once we had sailed onto anchor, recovered from the passage, and had a beer or two, we set off in search of a mechanic that could diagnose and potentially fix this somewhat important piece of gear. We soon found Filipe, Read More

This is where school buses go to….live again? I’d never really considered it before, but what a mundane life a school bus in the states must have. They are all dressed exactly the same, a uniform of yellow and caution, driven delicately by careful people, oppressed by speed limit signs, school zones, and double, Read More

I’m trying to remember the last passage we completed without drama or major issue, but coming up short. I want to tell you stories of beautiful passages, trips that are fast and filled with full sails, happy engines, leaping dolphins and sprightly shooting stars. But we haven’t had any of those recently. The droopy, Read More

I have been intrigued by this place since Morgan Freeman, pants rolled up and shoes flung casually over his shoulder, strode towards Tim Robbins fixing up his old boat on the beach (if that doesn’t ring a bell, it’s time to re-watch Shawshank Redemption). It’s obvious to me now that that scene was filmed, Read More

Puerto Escondido: the “pipeline of Mexico”, the famous surfing spot, the miserable anchorage, the false refuge from broken engines and broken forestays and broken spirits. On our passage to Huatulco, we passed the town 3 times, tormented by its proximity and erroneous sanctuary. Apparently we were determined to set foot here, to compel ourselves, Read More

Day Three: The last straw 4:00am John shakes me from a fitful sleep. I peak groggily at my watch. It’s late, John pulled a particularly long shift. He’s been in the cockpit for over 6 hours and it is certainly time for him to rest. I pull myself from bed and am brushing my, Read More