*This is my article published in April’s issue of 48 North. You can head here to read the magazine version* Before we left Seattle, those that had cruised before all agreed it would take us six months before we truly slowed down. Of course, if we asked the same 12 people what type of, Read More

  The guidebooks rave about this place; a “cruiser’s paradise” they call it. Embodying what Mexican cruising should be, they say, it holds the honor of cover photo. A calm anchorage at the base of a European style whitewashed resort that climbs the hillside, dotted with palm trees and draped with a deep blue, Read More

A short video of us flying the “Whomper”, a huge charlie brown colored spinnaker that makes Halcyon grow wings downwind. Here, John handles the sail expertly as we careen down big west coast swell at 9 and 10 knots!

*This is my article for March’s issue of 48 North. You can check out the magazine version here (pg 36)* ———- For five years before cutting the lines to go cruising, we lived aboard our Valiant 40, Halcyon, in the Pacific Northwest. For five years, she served as our home while we lived life:, Read More

  I have never been the type to enjoy recounting the details of my daily activities – either in a journal or on my blog. I find it feels monotonous, both for the writer and the reader. But the most common question I receive is some variation of “what do your days look like?”, Read More

A momentous occasion, you might say. I’m waiting for someone to arrive with champagne to celebrate us. I’ve got the champagne glasses and the party hats all ready to go. They must be late… If Halcyon was a car, she would be an antique (sorry girl, but it’s true). If she was a house,, Read More

Cruising is not all sunshine and roses… but that’s hard to remember right now. We pulled into Barra de Navidad about a week ago, and I think we’re in love. Let me back up. As we looked at route planning before leaving Seattle, our attention was drawn over and over again to southern Mexico, Read More

The new magazine is out! Check out page 50 for my article about scrambling. Click here to access the magazine online. (the photo is just the 1st page of the article – head over to 48 north to read the whole thing!)

  This post is for my fellow left-brained number crunchers. We left on August 14th, which means we were cruising for 20 weeks, or 140 days, in 2016. In that time, we traveled 2,780 nautical miles Which took us 550 hours of travel time That is an average speed of 5 knots Of that, Read More

Are you curious what “Halcyon” means? Would you like to know about the boat projects we’ve done? Did you know the designer of Valiants still lives in our old neighborhood? Well, you need wonder no longer. Just head over to “The Boat’ section of the website to learn all about these things. I’ve been chugging, Read More