This is where school buses go to….live again? I’d never really considered it before, but what a mundane life a school bus in the states must have. They are all dressed exactly the same, a uniform of yellow and caution, driven delicately by careful people, oppressed by speed limit signs, school zones, and double, Read More

  (This article appeared in the May edition of 48 North) When I turned 16, I threw a day-long party in the backyard. No gifts, no games, no structure – just burgers and cake and a pile of people I cared about from all areas of my life. Friends I’d had for a decade, Read More

  First of all, let’s acknowledge the wonderful name of this town. Try it out – say it a few times. You can never say this name and be sad at the same time. Well, almost never. Topolobampo was not an intended stop on our route; it is too far north for most cruisers, Read More

Do you have a place that you love despite having never seen it? A place that you know will feel like home when you get there, despite only knowing a few details about it. And you know you don’t have to force a trip; you’re drawn to it as to a magnet, confident that, Read More

For the elevendieth day in a row, we were motoring up wind. We had 17-20 knots of wind right on the nose, enough wind that our forward progress was diminished to 4 knots, even though we should have had current helping us. I was at the wheel, and I was over it. Our plan, Read More

I set out to write a blog post about the sheep on Jedidiah Island (spoiler alert). To do that, I wanted to write about how glad we were our windlass worked when we arrived at Jedidiah. To do that, I had to explain that we had just fixed our windlass. To do that, I, Read More