I’m trying to remember the last passage we completed without drama or major issue, but coming up short. I want to tell you stories of beautiful passages, trips that are fast and filled with full sails, happy engines, leaping dolphins and sprightly shooting stars. But we haven’t had any of those recently. The droopy, Read More

Day Three: The last straw 4:00am John shakes me from a fitful sleep. I peak groggily at my watch. It’s late, John pulled a particularly long shift. He’s been in the cockpit for over 6 hours and it is certainly time for him to rest. I pull myself from bed and am brushing my, Read More

Day one: Pleasant They had been forecasting a hurricane. Her name was Adrian and she was currently holding the title of earliest tropical storm ever recorded in this part of the world (since 1966 when they started recording these things, apparently). Every forecast every day had her forming in a different spot, spinning off, Read More

A short video of us flying the “Whomper”, a huge charlie brown colored spinnaker that makes Halcyon grow wings downwind. Here, John handles the sail expertly as we careen down big west coast swell at 9 and 10 knots!

“But how will Santa find you?!” It was my dad’s biggest worry when I told him we’d be leaving San Jose del Cabo on Christmas eve, not projected to arrive at Isla Espiritu Santo until sometime Christmas morning. “You need to make it easier on him! How will he bring you presents? Stop before, Read More

Latitude is a geographic coordinate that specifies the north-south position of a point on the Earth’s surface (thanks, Wikipedia!). They are the lines that run parallel and horizontally around the earth starting at the equator (0 degrees) and moving towards the poles (90 degrees). Each degree of latitude is broken down further into minutes, Read More

It’s 4:07am. This is an hour that humans are built to spend lying horizontally, all muscles relaxed, mind whisked away to fairy tale land. It is an hour with an identity crisis, not yet morning, but hardly still nighttime. A forgotten hour, rarely thought of kindly. I had let out a small whimper last, Read More

  Boy, it feels good to be here. We had a great time and learned a great deal coming down the coast of the US, but this – this is what we are all about. (We subconsciously reinforced this by taking almost no photos in southern california.) Our send off from the States was, Read More

It’s dark. The stars have vanished, one by one, behind the heavy blanket of water vapor suspended above us. There is a soft glow on the horizon to the east and in my sleepless daze I keep thinking it is the sunrise. The sleeplessness fogs my mind like the water droplets blanket the stars,, Read More

Things generally don’t go as planned around here. Which is more often a good thing than a bad thing. We left Ilwaco on an overcast Sunday morning with a week’s provisions and an adventurous crewmember. The bar crossing was so passive, with light winds and a slack tide, that I was frying eggs down, Read More