Latitude Reduction

2 years of sailing – 5,000 miles covered – 43 degrees of latitude lost

This is our latitude reduction program. From Seattle (48°N), around the top of Vancouver Island (50°N), and south to Panama (7°N).

We endured big seas and dense fog, customs delays and learning curves, broken engines and broken forestays and broken transmissions and broken lots of things.

We enjoyed perfect spinnaker runs and glowing dolphins, whale sightings and monkey snuggles, beautiful beaches and beautiful sunsets and beautiful coastlines and beautiful lots of things.

The adventure is not over.

Halcyon will rest in Panama while we join DogBark and sail through the Northwest Passage. Once reunited with Halcyon next winter, we will give her a new engine (!) and then sail with her across the Pacific to French Polynesia.

Latitude Reduction Blog Posts

Halcyon’s Latitude Reduction Route: