Northwest Passage

From Seattle to Greenland, over the top of Canada.

On June 2, we climbed aboard the Open 60, DogBark, for a 6,000-mile arctic adventure through the Northwest Passage. On this adventure, we take our cues from Talia (12 y/o) and Savai (10 y/o) as they explore this opening passageway.

When Savai was born in 2008, there had been 32 private vessels in history to successful traverse the Northwest Passage. But warming temperatures and disappearing sea ice have cleared the way for a new marine route across the arctic. While the journey is now possible, it is by no means easy. Even today, more people have stood on the summit of Mt Everest than have sailed the Northwest Passage.

On our journey, we hope to illuminate this new passage – not as a disheartening byproduct of climate change – but as the implicit reality of the rising generation. It is theirs to inherit.

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